Sharing tools and ideas for Portfolio, Program, and Project Managers


ALL3PM represents the three P’s of Portfolio, Program, and Project Management.  The purpose of this blog is to assist in furthering the knowledge and skills of portfolio, program, and project managers by:

  • Providing practical tools that can be immediately implemented.
  • Providing best practices and activities that add value.
  • Highlighting relevant information and their sources.

It is for sharing tools, templates, presentations, spreadsheets, and whatever else I’ve used over the years that have helped in creating and managing projects, programs, and portfolios.  It is for beginner, intermediate, and advanced project, program, portfolio managers looking for anything that will assist them in their work.  Posts found here are about how to accomplish this work with practical and proven tools and methods therefore the posts are not necessarily short and sweet.  They explain in detail their purpose, function, and use.

Borrow and steal freely.  If the tools or methods work for you great.  If not try something else, tweak it, change it, or make up your own.  Keep trying ideas, models, or systems to find one that works for you.  Use these as a start or guideline.   Don’t try to shoehorn something. It only means this is not the right tool or method. I use the same tools until I find one that is better, faster, cheaper whether my own or others.  When you’re trying to build a house the owner doesn’t care if you bought, borrowed, or made your own hammer (Tool).  It’s important the owner (Stakeholder) has confidence in a well built home (Results) that lasts.

If this blog is helpful drop me a line and let me know. Feel free to provide your ideas and thoughts.  Wishing you the best in your life and work…

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